Sunday 1 March 2015

The Weekend Whim #6: February 2015

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I know I always start of these posts by talking about how quickly the past month has flown by, and blah blah blah. However, in all seriousness I have no idea where February went - in fact, I had this post scheduled for some time next week! Ah, February, you're so sneaky trying to catch me out with your irregular 28 days. So, before it gets too far into March, let me tell you about all things February.

What I've Been Up To

February's been a fairly quiet month for me, and I've mainly just been staying on top of uni work, whilst of course baking cakes for two days a week, and transcribing letters at the museum once a week. I've fallen into quite a regular routine, which is quite nice in that it's easier to find the time to do extra bits and pieces. Of course, there are still days when I want to be more spontaneous (read: stay in bed and play on the Sims all day).

The first glimpses of Spring are visible, yet still seem a long way off. It seems like this year, more than ever, that Winter's been so long! So, to get me some Spring vibes, I've bought myself a little plant for my room. The last plant I had met with a tragic, windowsill related ending, so I'm hoping that this one will last just a little bit longer. It's a rubber plant, which I'm hoping will be relatively easy to look after (I don't want to be looking after a peace lily!), and it adds a touch of much needed Spring air to my room.

Stripy Outfit

What I've Been Wearing

Stripes are where it's at for me right now. Whilst I do have two or three stripy tops, I had yet to find one that was a classic 'wear it with everything' one. This one I bought a few weeks ago is filling that gap in my wardrobe - it's from Land's End via a charity shop, and is a couple of sizes too big for me, so is perfectly slouchy. It works with so much of my wardrobe, that I've been practically living in it - skinny jeans, pinafore dress, or a casual skirt come summer, I have yet to find a way I can't wear it.

As someone who lives in skinny jeans come winter, it may be surprising to hear that I hate, hate, hate shopping for jeans full stop. Finding a style that fits perfectly in a reasonable price bracket is such hard work, that when I do find the perfect pair, I buy a few, all in different colours. My go to style at the moment is Dorothy Perkins' Eden jeggings - they are so soft and comfy that for the foreseeable future I don't see myself wearing much else.

My favourite H&M fedora is the perfect way to make a casual outfit seem a little more put together, and the fact it keeps my head dry from unexpected showers is an added bonus. It's an effort to keep it on my head when it's windy, which often leads to me carrying it instead!

What I've Bookmarked

Coffee Pot Terrarium
I'd really love to introduce a few more plants to my room, and I love this tutorial for making a terrarium out of an old glass coffee pot. Sure, it would probably look best in a kitchen, but it's got me thinking as to what other containers could be used. Also, terrariums are the ultimate in easy care plants, so I think I'll definitely be making one.

Marie Kondo's Decluttering Tips
As I'm in the process of having a big sort out and general tidy up, I've been scouting the web looking for advice on how to be strict with my decluttering. I love the idea of just keeping things that instinctively bring joy to you, as then everything you own will be something you truly love. Not sure I'll be folding all my clothes though!

That Belarusian Girl
I discovered Berta's blog through Instagram, and it's swiftly become a new favourite read of mine. Expect a mix of yummy looking recipes and gorgeous photography; I'm all set to try out the recipe for these banana oat cookies. If healthy eating can look this good, then sign me up!

I'm all set to spend the rest of Sunday watching old movies and catching up with a knitting project I haven't worked on in a while. How was your February?

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